Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April news

Hey, everybody, April is prevention of animal cruelty month

Next weeks I will prepare some specials of the month, so you can learn more about it
And April 22 is earth day, more important, you'll know many things about making a nice plate for our animals

Note: I i'm being sick last weeks so I don't update my blog, and i'm helping my dear Stiffie . But I promess I will inform you next weeks

See ya later,

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pleez reed theez!!

stop animal abuse

I was born yesterday no eyes no ears
but I still can feel
my mom licks me clean and pushes me to feed
and I go and eat and then I sleep
Two weeks later
I can barely see
but there is nothing but mom and me
and my siblings that can also see
no light no smushy faces that my mom
said there would be
no room to move around
no things we can explore
and that’s all nothing more
Four weeks later
Me and my siblings
want to play
no room and to hungry
so all we do is sit and plea
now we are on wire floors
but not all our
poop goes through so we have
get it between our aching toes
we smell it all the
cages all around us
Six weeks later
Most of my siblings are all gone
the man said I will stay
they take me from my mom
and put me in a different cage
it is the same
no light no room and barely any air
I stay there
never to leave until I breed
It has been so long sense I was glad
they are now moving me to a bigger cage
I think they are loving me by giving me more room
but then they put a another dog
and between the two still no room to move
I came in heat feels so weird
then the dog and I breed
and my stomach gets so big

Two weeks later
I am so sad my tummy hurts
it is so hungry feeding all the things inside me
hope they survive on little food I get
please stop this I cannot stand it
when will I get a break
my story is so sad why does it have to happen
Four weeks later
I am getting fat
my tummy hurts even more
and I am so big not enough
I cannot turn around
I hope my puppies will not live
I don’t want them
to go through
all the things that I did
it is so hard to feel all the things I do
towards the things I love the most
but please do not let them live
let them go into forever peace with me
Six weeks later
I know I will have my puppies soon
and that they are alive
I am being moved again and
this one has some room
it has a wet blanket on the wooden floor
more food and water
what will they do to me now
I do not trust the smushy faces of this world
I hear another dog right next to me
in another cage
I think it is my mother cannot really tell
I had my puppies yesterday
they cannot see and cannot hear
I push them to feed
so little milk they cannot tell
that I cannot barely feel
Two weeks later
There eyes are open but they are so big now
there is barley any room
no toys for them to play with
and no room to explore
I wish that I could kill them all for
that they will never go through all this
sadness that I feel
Four weeks later
All the puppies are big now
they want to run and play but instead
all they get to do is sit in there poop
all night long they yelp and plea
but no one comes to say
you will be fine little ones
but that is something I cannot say
Six weeks old
A arm opens the cage I try
to keep my puppies away
they are curious of the smushy faces
they go to smell him
and he picks one up
and I try to bite him
and he throws me against the cage
he pick all up except one
and gives them to someone
and then picks up my only
left and says "you stay"
The cycle
The cycle starts again
I tried my hardest but
it still happened to my puppies
I have failed
I cannot stop it
no one can
The rescue
I lay there waiting
wondering where is my food
will I starve to death
or eat my poop
my cage opens and I hide
waiting for the water and food
but instead a hand reaches in I tried
to run from it but caught me
I wonder what they will do to me now
but instead someone holds me and pets my head
I hear the words we will find you a home
and right that second
right that moment
my heart starts to love again
That very day
I still can barely belive
I had a bath and more food
They but me in a big clean room
With only one other dog it is not a male
We have toys and I learn that she is my puppy
It takes so long for me to trust
But finally, eventually
I know my love is here to stay
Six months later
I am happy with my family
They took me in
and so much room
I can barely belive
I get to go outside
with the big warm sky
I still rember my life before
But know I will never go back
I still get scared sometimes
Have nightmares and
And I scream but now when I wake up
Someone olds me close
Comforts me and it is so hard to belive

Poem by: Bug

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sabias ques? / Did you nose?

poor things
Miles de animales perdidos en la calle, terminan en perreras, o es decir, las perreras terminan con ellos si estan mucho tiempo sin que nadie se los lleve
Thousands of lost street animals stop on dog pounds and dog pounds kills this animals if they are weeks in which there's anyone who saves them
Muchos terminan en los llamados ''molinos de cachorros'' torturados y usados para fines crueles e inhumanos
Many dogs stop in a place called ''puppy mills'' in where they are tortured and used to make inhumane and cruelty things
Para obtener ese abrigo que querias, sabias que a los zorros y a otro animales les quitan la piel VIVOS y al final caen muertos

To obtain that ''pretty'' coat you always wanted, did you know that foxes and other animals are used to make that coats. People removethe animal's skin when they are ALIVE and at final they fall dead
Para una sopa de aleta de tiburon, obvio son necesitadas las aletas de tiburon, las cuales, se les quitan cuando estan vivos, luego no pueden flotar ni nadar y entonces caen y mueren
For a perfect shark fin soup, its obviously shark fins are needed, those fins are removed when they are alive, too and then sharks can float or swim so they fall dead, too
animals dont derserve it

No hay excusa para el abuso animal
There's no excuse for animal abuse

Otra vez yo...

En la lucha por que ya no haya mas crueldad animal, contado en hechos reales, historias, y otras cosas que los harĂ¡ pensar

Si otra vez Samntha, si no me conoces puedes ver mi perfil o mi otro Blog